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A message for Europe

Un messaggio per l’Europa

EN | IT – Following the meeting with the European leaders in the Vatican, during which Pope Francis delivered a strong message for Europe, the Pontiff visited one of its most vital and emblematic centers. The Pope’s journey in the Archdiocese of Milan was brief but packed with events. The occasion, the 60th anniversary of the treaties that marked the beginning of the process of european unification, came in a time of crisis, of fear and bewilderment towards new and disturbing, though predictable, scenarios.

Ten Commandments for Europe

Dieci comandamenti per l’Europa

EN | IT | FR | DE – In a kind of prelude to the new political season, Manfred Weber, the Chair of the European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament, delivered a noteworthy speech on Europe at the Catholic Academy in Bavaria, Munich.towards the end of 2016. The core of his speech centred on his “Ten points for the self-assertion of Europe”. At first sight, they are simple and obvious – but actually they are not.

Poverty and social exclusion in Europe

Povertà ed esclusione sociale in Europa

EN | IT | FR | DE – Care and respect for the poorest and most vulnerable persons in a society are the basic criterion for social justice. The Bishops of COMECE note that, in a European Union founded on Christian values, almost a quarter of the population still lives at risk of poverty and social exclusion. We believe it is our duty to call for an integrated approach to combat deprivation and social exclusion. Only a close complementarity of policies in all relevant fields at all levels can eliminate the structural causes of poverty and promote the integral development of every member of society, including the most vulnerable.

Taxing the wealthy in Europe

Tassare la ricchezza in Europa

EN | IT | DE | FR – American presidential candidates are not the only people who boast how “clever” they are when facing accusations that, as multi-millionaires, they have not paid a single cent of income tax for many years. There are also thriving corporations based in Europe, such as Apple, McDonald’s and Starbucks, that rely upon the legality of their actions to justify the absurdly low level of taxation of their profits.

San Martino, a face of the European humanism

San Martino, un volto dell’umanesimo europeo

EN | IT | FR | DE | PL – On the occasion of the closing of the commemorative year for the 17th centenary of the birth of St. Martin of which the Church celebrates the liturgical memory on November 11, the Ccee Presidency sent a letter to the episcopate and all the people of Hungary in the persons of the President of the Hungarian Bishops’ conference, bishop of Györ, Msgr. András Veres, and the Primate of Hungary, Cardinal Peter Erdo, former president of the Ccee.