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“Time has come for Europe to look ahead”

"È giunto il tempo per l’Europa di guardare avanti"

EN | IT | FR | DE – Statement by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, President of Comece, following the referendum in the United Kingdom. “After this referendum, time has come for Europe to look ahead. The decision of the British electorate confronts the European Union and its Member States with questions about their goals and their tasks. The European Union needs a new departure. We need to ‘rethink’ Europe in some way. The deliberations on the future development of the European Union must therefore take place on a broad social basis”.

Acts of responsibility that lack to Europe

Atti di responsabilità che mancano all’Europa

EN | IT – “’Death and life have contended in that combat stupendous': the death of dozens of people in the Mediterranean and the rescue of an orphan girl from Cameroon on the ship of the Navy remember and actualize the Easter message. It ‘s a struggle that according to Christian hope will result in life, but which always asks for more commitment and responsibility”. It’s what asserts Mgr. Gian Carlo Perego, Director general of the Migrantes Foundation (Italian Church) after the recent shipwrecks that have caused the deaths of dozens of people.

EU and migrants: only steps back

Ue e migranti: solo passi indietro

EN | IT – The European Commission seemed to want to revise the Dublin Regulation III on the access of asylum seekers in Europe. On the evening of 4th May, in Brussels, it fell short of expectations, ignoring the proposals of a centralized European asylum system and the opening of legal and safe channels of arrival.

Migrants in Europe: four no to indifference

Migranti in Europa: quattro no all’indifferenza

EN | IT – The humanitarian flash journey of the Pope to the island of Lesbos in Greece has confirmed the Pope’s attention to the most vulnerable in our time and in various parts of the world, that is the migrants and asylum seekers. Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, on the anniversary of the 800 migrants died last year in the Channel of Sicily, there are probably another 400 deaths.

Austria: the word changes, but it is a wall

Austria: cambia la parola, ma è un muro

EN | IT – Austria has launched the construction of a barrier at the Brenner Pass to stop any and extraordinary flow of migrants from Italy. The European Commission, through the words of its spokesman Natasha Bertaud, expresses concern about the materialization of such a plan, that hinders the principle of free movement, a fundamental principle of the EU, while the Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, also under the pressure of the upcoming elections, confirms that “the management of the border at the Brenner and new legislation on asylum are not desirable, but are necessary and right”.