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Do not hide the light

Una luce da non nascondere

EN | IT – How many European Catholics – even among the most committed – realized what was staged in Madrid last September 18th-21st? Few, I’m sure, because – with some exceptions – there has been little reference to the second edition of the Social Days for Europe on the very same ecclesial media (not to mention the secular ones). Yet a meeting that was attended by nearly two hundred delegates from 29 European countries would have deserved, by the mere fact of being organized, much more consideration.

Living in Europe today

Abitare l’Europa di oggi

EN | IT – “The Church loves Europe and takes on its commitment for Europe”. This is the starting point to report about the Catholic Social Days for Europe in Madrid because, despite the different positions, the pro-Europe choice of the Church is out of the question – today even more than yesterday. And it is no small thing in a time of anti-European pressure and open challenges.

A project of peace, freedom and reconciliation

Un progetto di pace, libertà e riconciliazione

EN | IT – What contribution can the Church make towards a social Europe? The Church does not have any technical solutions up Her sleeve. She also has no political or economic concepts of Her own which could compete with the political arena. The Church however partakes of the concerns and the needs of the people, as She has been placed in this world. This is why it is not the job of the Church to develop solutions in the technical field to make improvements with regard to individual issues.

Reawaken the responsibility

Risvegliare la responsabilità

EN | IT – The economic and social crisis do not seem to soften their grips, making inequalities growing; the anti-Europe wind damages the heart of the institutions and, more seriously, war has dramatically leaned at the door of the common European home, bringing back memories from a time that seemed so far away. A gloomy picture in which Catholics are called to bring the hope that comes from faith. They shall show a light that needs to be nurtured through prayer, work, dialogue and reflection: the four elements that will be the cornerstones of the second edition of the European Social Days taking place in Madrid, September 18 to 21.

Four fronts for Christians

Quattro fronti per i cristiani

EN | IT | FR | DE – It’s on line the website for the second European Catholic Social Days (Madrid, Spain, 18-21 September 2014) on the theme “The Christian faith and the future of Europe”. The meeting is promoted by Comece (the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community) and Ccee (the Council of European Episcopal Conferences), together with the Archdiocese of Madrid. The first “European Catholic Social days”, promoted by Comece, were held in Gdansk from 7 to 9 October 2009. “Eurcom-Journalists for Europe” launches a debate in the light of the September event.