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Saints John XXIII and John Paul II

A sign of God’s love

Znak łaski

EN | PL | IT – Church has got two saints Popes. These personalities are similar to each other and very different at the same time. In his homily at the canonization Mass, Pope Francis stressed that both “were not afraid to look upon the wounds of Jesus, to touch his torn hands and his pierced side”. Each of them, Pope Francis gave a title which in a special way describes his mission. St. John XXIII was “the Pope of openness to the Holy Spirit”, St. John Paul II “Pope of the family”. The first is closely related to the convening of the Second Vatican Council. The second to the special importance attached by Pope John Paul II to family issues.

John Paul II – The memory of Europe

Jan Paweł II – Pamięć Europy

EN | PL | IT – According to John Paul II, Europe is a continent of culture and its boundaries coincide with the boundaries of evangelization. “The European identity is incomprehensible without Christianity”, said in Santiago de Compostela. Other currents have co-created the European identity, but without them European culture would be poorer, without Christianity would never have been formed.

John XXIII – The inventor of Ostpolitik

Giovanni XXIII – L’inventore dell’Ostpolitik

EN | IT – “The nations, therefore, must work with each other for their mutual development and perfection. They can help themselves only in so far as they succeed in helping one another. That is why international understanding and co-operation are so necessary”. This is only a tiny splinter of an encyclical letter by Pope John XXIII, sometimes forgotten, Mater et Magistra.