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The lack of children

La mancanza dei figli

EN | IT – Thirty years ago, to celebrate the Year of the Family, Pope John Paul II wrote a Letter to Families. The Pope stressed that the family is “the way of the Church” and that “the future of humanity passes by way of the family”. He was also well aware that today, also in Europe, it is very difficult for families to fulfil their tasks properly.

The time of justice

Il tempo della giustizia

EN | FR | IT – In the next few days, April 2-3, the leaders of Africa and Europe will gather in Brussels for the 4th EU-Africa Summit, seven years after their previous meeting in Lisbon.
It will be an important opportunity especially for the European Union, which is called to rethink its relationship with the African continent. In 1950, in what is known to history as the Schumann Declaration, the then French foreign minister wrote: “Europe shall be able, with increased resources, to pursue the implementation of one of its fundamental tasks: the development of the African continent”.