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Justice & Peace Europe’s Concerted Action 2017

Giustizia e pace Europa: l'azione comune 2017

EN | IT | FR | DE – Ever since the result of the British referendum to leave the EU, increasingly urgent questions have been circulating on the future of European integration. Last September, the Heads of State and Government of the EU27 adopted the Bratislava Declaration. This was the first stage of a top-level process of reflection on the future of Europe that is expected to end with a summit meeting in Rome marking the Treaty of Rome’s 60th anniversary.

The relaunch of a common security and defence policy

Il rilancio di una politica di difesa e sicurezza

EN | IT | FR – The European Council held on 25-26 June 2015, invited Federica Mogherini to submit a draft Eu global strategy on foreign and security policy within the next twelve months. The Mogherini proposal is designed to replace the 2003 European Security Strategy, long past its sell-by date. Heads of State and Government also mooted a vaguer idea of creating a future defence research and technology programme at the horizon of 2020. That was the extent of their creative thinking on this issue of vital importance.

Juncker’s plan for kick-starting investment

Il piano Juncker per gli investimenti

EN | IT | FR | DE – The EU Heads of State and Government met in a European Council on 18-19 December in Brussels. They warmly welcomed Jean-Claude Juncker’s plan, which aims to create a ‘European Fund for Strategic Investments’. The mainstream parties of the European Parliament also gave it their resounding approval. It is a positive sign when people are finally talking about investment at European level rather than continuing to lose their way in the murky depths of Eurozone governance. Still, we should remain cautious about the success of this new Fund – for a number of reasons.