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Laudato si’: it also affects Europe

Laudato si’: riguarda anche l’Europa

EN | IT – Pope Francis addressed his encyclical letter Laudato si’ on care for our human home to every person living on the planet. It has received an overwhelming echo all over the world. Most of the reactions have been positive. Indeed the Holy Father has expressed the single issue for our times that most concerns humanity. Pope Francis has not only spoken to all but he spoke on behalf of all of us. He has done so very modestly by taking into account the teaching of his predecessors, of fellow bishops and other religious leaders, by accepting the insights of modern science and by refusing to offer political remedies and technical fixes.

“They are worthy to be accepted”

“Sono degni di essere accolti”

EN | IT | FR – Have the desire to find the right balance between security and liberty, between the legitimate request of living safely at home and the cries for help of people who fear for their lives and live in insecurity in their countries affected by civil war. They have the right to dignity. They are worthy to be accepted. They are worthy to enter under our roof.