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Paris, the day after

Parigi, il giorno dopo

EN | IT | FR – The day after the largest demonstration France can remember, Paris is not a city like any other. The attacks of the last few days were supposed to strike a deliberate blow to the founding values of our common identity. This goes to show that these values should not be taken for granted: they are not given once and for all; and their absence does not apply only to other remote civilizations in time and space. Rather, this shows that these values are alive and, therefore, fragile, to be cherished and nourished every day.

With the eyes of refugees

Avec les yeux des réfugiés

FR | EN | IT – According to the latest data released by Eurostat, in year 2013 the asylum applicants registered in the EU 28 nations were 435,000. They were 335,000 in year 2012. 65% of these applications was rejected. Only 15% of applicants were granted refugee status: about 50,000 people who are new European citizens in all respects. What kind of Europe will the refugees meet, get to know and live?
Since his opening in 2003, the Maison des journalistes (MDJ) in Paris, a place unique in the world, which houses exiled journalists, has welcomed 273 journalists from over 50 nations in the world.