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To climb down from our European pedestal

Scendere dal nostro piedistallo europeo

EN | IT | FR – This year’s theme for the Global Media Forum, due to be held in Bonn in mid June, is “Media. Freedom. Values”. A University Chair in “European values” was inaugurated in Brussels recently on 4 May. The Presidents of the European Commission and Parliament, Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz, were heard to declare, in joint platform when they visited the Vatican together on 6 May, that “Europe’s soul is its values.” But what exactly are these values?

European Commission: the best team?

Commissione europea: la squadra migliore?

EN | IT | DE | FR – “The European Parliament will not accept a gentlemen’s club” said the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, on 16 July. He warned the Heads of State and Government meeting in the European Council that the European Parliament would not invest a Commission that did not contain an adequate number of women. The previous European Commission, formed in 2009, included 9 women. The 28 Member States had until the end of July to submit their respective candidates for a European Commissioner post. Mr Juncker received just four nominations for women…