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It’s to wake up from sleep

È ora di risvegliarsi dal sonno

EN | IT – While Europe timewastes on the scant distribution of 32,000 people, at a cost of over € 6000 per migrant (with the same money he could be accepted for a year in a family or in a municipality, without counting the additional resources which have been wasted by events as ‘Mafia capital’) in the Mediterranean death happens again and again.

Mare Nostrum, the sign and the dream

Mare nostrum, il segno e il sogno

EN | IT | FR – On November 1, closes Mare Nostrum, the massive humanitarian operation carried out by means of the Italian Navy, in collaboration with the Port Authorities, which has actually created a humanitarian channel in the Mediterranean, through which in 2014 over 150,000 people, mainly from Syria, Egypt and Palestine, Eritrea and Somalia, some in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Mali, Nigeria, Gambia and Senegal, have been carried to safety. Among them, there were 23,000 children, of which more than 12,000 without a family.

From “Mare nostrum” to Ukraine

Dal “Mare nostrum” all’Ucraina

EN | IT – As Migrantes Foundation, we hope that the objectives efficiently achieved by the operation ‘Mare nostrum’ can continue, reinforced throughout the Mediterranean with the involvement of European countries. In front of the Ukrainian crisis, as Migrantes we demand that a residence permit for temporary protection can be extended to all family members of the Ukrainians in Italy who request it, so as to prevent the growth of Ukrainian irregular immigration in our country.

Growing up with the refugees

Crescere con i rifugiati

EN | IT | FR – The tragedy of the 30 dead people in the hold of a barge full of more than 500 forced migrants, then carried to the port of Pozzallo by the ship of the Italian Navy used for the Mare Nostrum mission, has dramatically brought our attention to the increasingly frequent journeys of hope that are surpassing the figures of 2011, and to the responsibility of Italy and the rest of Europe in the face of this humanitarian tragedy.

A poor world on the move

Un mondo povero in movimento

EN | IT – New landings of people and families from Africa and the Middle East keep taking place on the shores of Sicily. Our neighbors, on the other coasts of the same Mediterranean Sea do not resign themselves to living in situations of war, poverty, persecution, but have set off and moved. What should we do?