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For a more social Europe

Per un'Europa più sociale

EN | IT | FR | DE – The social models in Europe are facing fundamental challenges. On the one hand, the effects of the economic and financial crisis on employment and social cohesion are making a strong impact. On the other hand, Europe is facing major challenges not only in the field of computerisation but also, in view of demographic change, with the integration of refugees and gender equality in the labour market.

Not so much through the fault of Brussels

Non tanto per colpa di Bruxelles

EN | IT | FR | DE – Back in the days when the talk was all about the steps towards creating the European Union, a whole range of promises were made. Unification would safeguard peace, and the Union would expand. It would benefit disadvantaged areas through regional financial assistance. Borders could be made more open, to promote trade and make products more reasonably priced. Bureaucracy would be reduced, economic growth would be promoted and employment market conditions would be improved. People could travel freely throughout Europe, without obstacles at the borders or the expense of constantly changing currency. These were the promises. So what has happened?