The worse has arrived

Gorsze nadeszło

EN | PL | IT – The worse has dutifully arrived. Secession of Eastern and Southern Ukraine and it’s submission to Kremlin is a matter of months if not weeks. Only seven weeks ago Russia annexed Crimea and president Putin assured the West he would not go any further. As of today due to copycat actions well-armed Russian speaking and sponsored separatists, among them Russian soldiers, control 14 Eastern Ukrainian cities. The military counter-action of Ukrainian troops aiming to regain control together with clashes in Odessa last Friday brought about nearly 50 dead. Bloody civil war has started.

Is Brussels besieged?

Bruksela oblężona?

EN | PL | IT – The nearer the elections, the louder sounds the alarm: “Brussels besieged by populists, fascists and trockyists! Come to rescue with your vote! Otherwise united Europe will perish”. The plea voiced by EU dignitaries, mainstream European politicians…

Waiting for the worse to come

Czekając na gorsze

EN | PL | IT – Russia annexes Crimea, her neighbours are horrified. The West is aghast and helpless. This is the fruition of the totally inadequate Western policy towards Russia. Attempts to civilize the Russian bear ended with Crimean disaster and lethal threats to Ukraine, Baltic states and Poland. The corner stone of the Western policy towards Moscow after the demise of the Soviet Union has been a strong conviction that with a little help Russia would turn into democracy, her economy would be based on free market rules and business with trade exchange would support, if not enforce the democratic process.