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The Pope recalls the soul of Europe

Il Papa richiama l’anima dell’Europa

EN | IT – A whirlwind visit, that very busy “off day”, as Francis himself called it, as he was flying from Rome to Strasbourg. But, in just four hours in the European Palaces, the Pontiff managed once again to stir atheists and Catholics alike or plain curious people, and to send “another message of hope and encouragement”. The 360-degree issues tackled by Francis are not new, some had already been addressed by John Paul II in the speech he gave in Strasbourg in 1988, but hearing them again from a Latin American Pope (“but of European descent” as the President of the European Parliament Martin Schultz called him), right in the midst of the Parliamentary Assembly, which occasionally passes amendments that are against Christian morality, such as the gender theory, is impressive.

Europe, as Sofia sees it

Европа през погледа на София

EN | BG | IT – After the tormented years of Communism and of the transition towards the capitalist system the target of entering Europe has been the most important goal to reach for Bulgarians: it had united the population and awakened the desire and real hope for a better future. Now, while the European Union, urged by the economic crisis, is thinking over its identity and future, Bulgaria must take the opportunity to participate in this debate reaffirming its priorities, and to appreciate what it has already achieved.