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Erasmus? Then I’ll hire you

Erasmus? Allora ti assumo

EN | IT – October is the month of the “awakening” of the Academic word: the month in which everything starts again for millions of students all over Europe. Three of those millions together with the “here we go again” will also say “let’s go away”: in October 3 million of European young students with their baggage of books, food, somatic traits, languages, traditions take the airplane for their Erasmus, to make “an experience abroad”.

Young, yeast for Europe

I giovani, lievito per l’Europa

EN | IT – De Gasperi was firmly convinced that for the United Europe not only a institutional architecture was needed but most of all an European “soul”. And this point is really actual in a european society in which the ideal of Europe is losing every day its meaning. De Gasperi in his idea of United States of Europe couldn’t help thinking about the young “Be yourself and be optimists” he used to repeat to the young generations. De Gasperi hoped that the new generations could be the regeneration of our society, starting from the idea of community, of common good and of construction of peace.

First elections for the “Millennials”

Prime elezioni per i “Millennials”

EN | IT – The Y Generation, the NET Generation, the Millennials, those who were born in the 80s until the first years of the 2000, those who know the Cold War only from school books or from TV series, those who have forgotten or have never learned to use the Lira, the Franc, the Peseta and the Mark; those who think that customs are invented by the movies, those who have brothers and friends abroad, far from their home to study, to work or even live; those who experienced Interrail, Erasmus Program, a study exchange at 16, those who don’t have a passport yet, but have actually visited almost the entire cradle of the “old” Western society. These are people who have Europe in their blood.

We, young Europeans

Noi, giovani europei

EN | IT – We are now use to consider ourselves as European citizens and for this reason we would like to understand why there is no dialogue between those against and pro European Union. In particular those pro Europe are not able to give answers to their rivals, but is it really that difficult? Maybe it is, but only for those who didn’t tasted, saw and experienced Europe yet.