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At dawn the next day

All’alba del giorno dopo

EN | IT | PL | FR | DE – We are at the European elections countdown, at a political flashpoint, with clashing predictions of opposite signs: a part of the public opinion seeking to unravel the tangle of controversy while another part has clear ideas about the choice to be made. As usual, there is part of the information aimed at making you think and there is part of the information which is sided, in order to make people side. The thing is, however, that we are at the eve of the elections and the voters are at a crossroad between the end of a great idea and its changes.

A journey which is still long

Un cammino ancora lungo

EN | IT – A dream shared since birth, a farsighted project but, most of all, a challenge which is impossible to give up. This is the kind of Europe Azione Cattolica Italiana talks about in a document presented in Rome a few days ago, during the XV national Assembly of the association. With a look broadened to the continent that gives us “a modern, complex, still credible kind of democracy able to promise a better future”, Azione Cattolica registers the need to renew the project of De Gasperi, Schuman, Adenauer and Monnet in order to build up a “closer, stronger, more united Europe, and face those problems in front of which national politics have neither means nor adequate resources”.

Voting with a look to the world

Al voto guardando al mondo

EN | FR | IT – A letter addressed to the candidates in the forthcoming elections for the European Parliament (and indirectly to all citizens of the 28 EU countries) calling them not to lock up the electoral competition between the borders of Europe was sent by Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN). This is an international network, created in 1998, which brings together 50 Christian-Catholic religious congregations and about eighty thousand members from the two continents.

Looking at migrations

Guardare alle migrazioni

EN | IT | FR – Looking at migrations can help us think about Europe. Indeed, in these years when the ideal of a united Europe is questioned as never before, the governance of migrations can help us understand which perspectives we want to give to our common future.

To build the common house

Edificare la casa comune

EN | IT – On April 21, 1954, exactly 60 years ago, Alcide De Gasperi – one of the fathers of the European Community together with Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer – made a speech to the European Parliamentary Conference gathered in Paris. We propose here its final part, whose topical character is evident.

A “new deal” after the crisis

Un "new deal" dopo la crisi

EN | IT – A special plan “for sustainable development and employment, which would boost the European economy and help create new jobs”. It’s the “new deal” that many European federalist movements, trade unions, civil society organizations, mayors of important European cities and intellectuals are asking for with the European Citizens’ Initiative called “New Deal 4 Europe” (