Eu elections

Europe, as Sofia sees it

Европа през погледа на София

EN | BG | IT – After the tormented years of Communism and of the transition towards the capitalist system the target of entering Europe has been the most important goal to reach for Bulgarians: it had united the population and awakened the desire and real hope for a better future. Now, while the European Union, urged by the economic crisis, is thinking over its identity and future, Bulgaria must take the opportunity to participate in this debate reaffirming its priorities, and to appreciate what it has already achieved.

Peace, permanent task

Friede, bleibende Aufgabe

EN | DE | IT – The Austrian Catholic bishops have called for participation in the elections and recalled that the European Union – a brainchild of Christian motivated politicians – needs the cooperation of the people and the commitment of Christians. The bishops specified a number of challenges that await the newly elected European parliamentarians

Is Brussels besieged?

Bruksela oblężona?

EN | PL | IT – The nearer the elections, the louder sounds the alarm: “Brussels besieged by populists, fascists and trockyists! Come to rescue with your vote! Otherwise united Europe will perish”. The plea voiced by EU dignitaries, mainstream European politicians…

Voice to the citizens

Stimme für die Bürger

EN | DE | IT – “Take these elections seriously, because not everyone will have the opportunity to benefit from them! ” The appeal launched in Brussels by Cardinal Reinhard Marx to the youth of Europe was pretty clear. Anybody who does not wish for the populist and anti-European parties to gain ground because of the financial and debt crisis should do something: with political commitment – or at least going to the polls as an expression of civic duty.

Realism and identity

Realismo e identità

EN | IT – Participation, first and foremost; through debate, by asking questions and sharing views regarding the prospects for the European Union at this “turning point” in its existence and, especially, by going to the polls. The message from the Bishops of Comece highlights the fact that, perhaps for the very first time, something is actually at stake in European Parliament elections.

The reason being the current crisis. An unprecedented crisis that “has tested relations between member States, has questioned the founding principle of solidarity within the Union and has brought about a rise in poverty for a great number of citizens, in addition to having jeopardized the future prospects of many young Europeans”. This is a big deal. As a matter of fact, according to the commission of EU bishops’ conferences “the situation is dramatic, in many cases even tragic”.